A Missouri Department of Higher Education report shows 36% of Missouri public school graduates need remediation before starting college-level classes.

Missouri is raising its expectations to help all of our students receive a world-class education. Across the state, schools are implementing the Missouri Learning Standards, grade-level and course-level expectations in academic subjects. These standards will help our students gain the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career and life. The standards will not only improve what students learn, but also how they learn by teaching critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills.

The implementation of new academic standards, along with high-quality and well-supported educators, has the potential to transform outcomes for Missouri students and for our state. It is critical that educators have the support of their communities to implement these new standards successfully. As business leaders, faith community, civic leaders, parents, and voters, we can ask our local schools how we can help them as they aspire and work hard to reach even greater heights than before. Together, we can make Missouri a English language arts & literacy

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • World languages
  • Fine Arts
  • Health/Physical Education
  • Guidance & Counseling
  • Career & Technical Education
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