Presentations and Videos

This presentation and accompanying video provide background information about the CCSS initiative, the implications for assessment and a broad overview of the ELA and mathematics CCSS.

Regional Meeting Information

The mathematics presentations and accompanying videos provide a look at the CCSS documents to develop an understanding of the contents, format and structure. Additionally, each video provides the process that was used in comparing the CCSS with current GLEs/CLEs in creating a crosswalk document that shows the similarities between the two documents. Finally, they include a discussion of the various ancillary documents, including the grade-band commonalities document that was provided to workshop participants.

Summer 2011 General Session

Transition Powerpoint and Handouts

These posted materials are the Common Core mathematics materials and resources that were distributed at the mathematics Train-the-Trainer Session including information regarding:

  • Navigating the CCSS
  • Identifying commonalities and connections
  • Creating a CCSS toolbox
  • Identifying shifts in teaching and learning
  • CCSS vs. GLEs/CLEs: Examining differences
  • Suggestions for developing your implementation plan, identifying district roles and responsibilities, and determining future work