Missouri School Read-In Day

Melia Franklin, Ed.D., is Director of English language arts in the Department’s Office of College and Career Readiness.These are her thoughts on helping students find the joy of reading:

Boy readingThe second Friday in March is “Missouri School Read-In Day.” We all know reading is a vital skill no matter one’s content area. Academic reading is imperative to a student’s scholastic success—but we can’t forget that reading for pleasure is essential in creating lifelong readers and learners. Let’s help students get lost in a book, read with resiliency, see characters dance in their heads, or swim through facts about their favorite dinosaur.

An adapted “math formula” from reading researcher Kylene Beers sums it all up: Reading 1 more book will help 1 more kid. So, on “Missouri School Read-in Day,” grab a text, find a comfy spot, encourage your students to do the same, and share the love of reading with your students.