Missouri Schools Implementing Common Core State Standards

Survey shows teachers using lessons aligned to CCSS

The majority of Missouri’s school districts are implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), a recent survey conducted by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shows.

The survey, which was completed by approximately 6,000 teachers and administrators from across the state, reveals 70 percent of respondents have or are currently in the process of implementing the CCSS.

Most Missouri teachers are using lessons aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

It is evident from the survey teachers are using lessons aligned to the CCSS. More than 83 percent of English teachers surveyed are guiding students toward focusing on deeper reading comprehension. More than 61 percent of math teachers surveyed are developing lessons that focus on the rigor that the CCSS prioritizes.

 Several teachers had positive comments regarding implementation of the CCSS:

  • “My district is 100 percent committed and is investing tremendously in the shift to the CCSS.”
  • “We started implementing parts of the CCSS into our curriculum last year. This year, we are implementing the CCSS in full force. We have a lot of support from our curriculum coordinator. Our curriculum and assessments are aligned with the CCSS.”
  • “My district has gone through a lot of training to make sure the CCSS is being followed and implemented the way it was intended.”

The CCSS are updated English language arts and math expectations that provide clarity and depth to Missouri’s grade-level expectations and course-level expectations.

The standards are common sense first steps toward ensuring students obtain the best possible education no matter where they live. With clear academic expectations for each grade level, teachers, parents and students can work together toward shared goals.

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