Teacher with Parent and Student
Consistent learning expectations provide parents and teachers with a clear roadmap for learning.

Great educators are at the center of a great education. Teachers helped design the Missouri Learning Standards to ensure that they reflect the realities of the classroom and provide the clarity and consistency teachers need to make sure their students stay on track and are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need for success.

The standards do not tell teachers how to teach, but rather establish the minimum of what students need to learn. It is up to schools and teachers to decide how to best help students reach the standards. It’s also important to note that the standards do not include everything that could or should be taught. Local districts are still designing their own curriculum and choosing which texts to read along with a long list of other local education choices.

Additionally, the standards will

  • Help colleges and professional development programs better prepare teachers.
  • Establish a foundation for educators to work collaboratively with their peers to develop and share resources, expertise, curriculum tools and professional development.
  • Allow states to develop and provide better assessments that accurately measure whether students have learned what was taught.
  • Guide educators toward curriculum and teaching strategies that will give students a deep understanding of the subjects and skills they need to learn.

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